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The best activities to do in Carcassonne!

The best things to do in Carcassonne!

After this tough Covid 19 period, be sure not to miss anything for your next vacation in Carcassonne.
It's time to relax and leave the problems behind!

Carcassonne knows how to do that, whether it is thanks to its culture and history, its numerous activities and its magnificent natural landscapes, you will find what you need in this historic medieval haven.

Carcassonne is a city that combines culture, nature and atmosphere all year round. This article is intended to help you find the activities that will suit you best for your stay this summer.

So let's go for the activities not to be missed during your stay in Carcassonne, specially chosen by the Hôtel du Roi.

inside the walls

Visiting the medieval city of Carcassonne

How to talk about things to do in Carcassonne without mentioning its Medieval City!
It is undoubtedly the must-see of the city, a majestic city dating back to the 12th century, having crossed the ages, wars, it was a center of power and a crossroads of primordial exchanges throughout the Middle Ages. It is surrounded by 3 km of ramparts with 52 towers and 2 enclosures, it is the center of Carcassonne, renovated many times and entered in 1997 in the World Heritage of UNESCO.

The Cité is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and can be visited for the most part freely. If you wish, it is also possible to book personalized guided tours for you.

For the youngest, workshops accompanied by animators are available (Wednesday afternoon and weekend and every day during school vacations) in order to discover the city in a more playful way.

For the enigma enthusiasts or simply for a funny moment with family or friends, a life-size escape game is available in the ramparts. Discover the city and look for the lost treasures of Carcassonne through visits to museums and cultural places.

You will also find a large number of museums and monuments retracing the unusual history of Carcassonne through the ages.
We recommend the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire for its unique Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the Jean-Deschamps Theater where concerts and plays take place during the summer months, or the Inquisition Museum for a discovery of the instruments used during the Middle Ages.

The Chateau Comtal is full of history and activities not to be missed during your stay. While walking on its ramparts you will appreciate the spectacular view of Carcassonne and the department of Aude, a good way to discover this beautiful region of France.

the city center of Carcassonne

Outside the ramparts

Your stay in Carcassonne will not only be guided by the Château Comtal.
After the visit, we advise you to go to the city center of Carcassonne.

To do this, head for the city center, cross the Aude from the old bridge. While crossing it you will find the Hôtel du Roi on the left bank of the Aude. Then continue until you arrive in the district of "La Bastide Saint-Louis".

"La Bastide Saint-Louis" is the city center of Carcassonne, culture, history and conviviality represent the rhythm of the city.

For those who are interested in culture and history, we recommend
- The museum of fine arts of Carcassonne, located next to the Square Gambetta, two steps from the Hotel du Roi is a must-see of the city. You will find there paintings and ceramics from the XVIIth to the present day in temporary exhibitions.
- The Saint-Vincent Church and the Saint-Michel Cathedral in Gothic style will give your trip a surplus of history and grandeur.
- The Jardin du Calvaire is a witness to the defensive system of Carcassonne and its "lower city".

The heart of La Bastide Saint-Louis is also the friendly center of Carcassonne. You will find many restaurants and activities all year long on the different squares and streets crossing it.

fireworks of 14 of july

The Carcassonne Festival

Every year during the summer, the Carcassonne Festival takes place. It is considered as one of the best French festivals according to the French Federation of Festivals.
It welcomes each year more than 200 000 spectators in an exceptional medieval setting. The festival is organized by themes, with dance, classical and contemporary music, circus, theater and many others...

The festival is divided into 2 types of events, the OFF and the IN.
The OFF corresponds to the shows taking place outside the medieval city, offering 120 shows, 80 of which are free, on more than 11 different stages.

The IN corresponds to the shows taking place within the ramparts such as performances in the mythical Jean-Deschamps theater. However, these are shows with reduced capacities and therefore must be paid for.

What makes this festival famous and successful is above all the diversity of the themes, but also the majestic environment in which it is located, and not forgetting the free admission to more than 80 shows throughout the month of July.

Want to socialize again? Don't hesitate to come to Carcassonne for a stay in July, the Festival of Carcassonne is the right activity for you.

sunset on the canal du midi

The Canal du Midi

The second must-see in Carcassonne and its surroundings is obviously the Canal du Midi.
It is an architectural feat considered as one of the greatest construction sites of the 17th century. This canal is one of the oldest still in operation in Europe, the reason for its success with tourists is the strategic placement it has received. In 1996 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Canal du Midi is a feast for the eyes on many points, firstly it fits perfectly into the surrounding landscapes and architectural achievements. Secondly it offers dream landscapes in a protected nature. Finally, many activities are available, such as boat cruises or bike rides on its banks, as well as the discovery of architectural monuments, towns and villages crossed by it.

The Canal du Midi will be your rendezvous for activities with family or friends, it can also bring a singular charm for a romantic visit.

The Hôtel du Roi is ideally located on the bank of the Canal du Midi facing the medieval city of Carcassonne. So to live the experience of these 2 sites registered with the world heritage of UNESCO it is the ideal place for your stay.

basilica of toulouse

The surroundings of Carcassonne

The surroundings of Carcassonne are very interesting. Indeed, the region is full of sites to visit, whether museums, castles or amusement parks.

During your trip in the Aude you can also discover Narbonne or Toulouse.

In the continuity of the Canal du Midi, Narbonne is an interesting destination to visit during your stay in the Aude. In less than an hour's drive, you can discover the history of Narbonne, just as important and interesting as that of Carcassonne and its impressive architectural heritage such as the Archbishop's Palace.

Also an hour's drive from Carcassonne, Toulouse is a must-see in the region. It is since its creation a main axis of the French territory. It seduces by its warm atmosphere and its constant dynamism.
During your stay you will be able to visit a number of tourist sites such as
- The Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse,
- The Museum of Natural History in Toulouse,
- The Saint-Sernin basilica in Toulouse,
- The Capitol in Toulouse.

Carcassonne offers an ideal location to discover the region, so don't hesitate to come and experience it.

For the Sportsmen

It is difficult to list a single activity that will suit the most athletic among you, so let us introduce you to all the possibilities you will find in Carcassonne and its surroundings.

First of all, there are a large number of water sports activities available on the different rivers that run through the Languedoc-Roussillon. You will find for example: canoeing/kayaking, rafting, water parks for children, caving in underground rivers and many others...

Outdoor activities in nature also await you, with hiking, biking, horseback riding, tree climbing, quad biking, golf and many other activities throughout the region.

You are now ready for a successful stay in Carcassonne, do not hesitate to discover this city full of history that will meet the expectations of young and old.
Choose the Hôtel du Roi and its spa, for a moment of relaxation after your busy days, in a breathtaking medieval environment facing the city of Carcassonne on the banks of the Canal du Midi.